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growAG. organisation profile 2021

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3. Organisation Type

In order to be profiled on this site your organisation must meet the following criteria;
* A participant in the delivery of at least one Research Project highlighted on the site,
* A key organisation that contributes to the Australian agrifood innovation system and is actively looking for collaboration activities around agrifood investment and/or research.

Your organisation must also fit into one of the categories outlined below (select one):

NOTE: if you are a Start Up, please visit and request to be featured on the Start Up Directory.

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5. About (300 word limit)

Guidelines: Please provide a brief outline of your organisation. Within your overview, ensure you include a clear reference to how your organisation contributes to Australian agriculture in either: research and development, investment, innovation (either one or multiple of these); and what industries within Agriculture you are interested in or focused on for collaboration opportunities.
Please provide copy in the present tense.

Word count:
Must be no more than 300 words. 

6. Related organisations

Please identify any related organisation (such as a University) that you are also registering/ is already registered.

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a. What agricultural industries does your organisation align with? * Required
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b. Which focus areas does your organisation align with? (tick as many as apply)
c. What Technology Area does your organisation align with? (tick as many as apply)
d. Which sustainability themes does your organisation align with?

8. Where does your organisation operate?

Specify where your organisation conducts business. This may be global, Australia wide or specific states, territories and/or regions of Australia.

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